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Greetings from Detachment of Kansas!



Salutations Gentlemen,               

Congratulations Team Kansas we have reached our goal of over 100% membership. This is our 36th consecutive year of reaching an all time high in membership, the logest streak of any Detachment. Plans are already underway to go after nuber 37.

 Department Convention in Hutchinson was well attended. I hope everyone who attended had a good time, I know I did.  It was good to see old friends and meet several new ones. I have been elected to a second term as your Commander of the Sons of the American Legion. I have had a wonderful year working with Legion Commander Sanneman and Auxiliary President Karon Cook.

I’m looking forward to the New Year, to get off and running with Commander Emery McKimmy and President Tonia Ison. Working together as the Legion family we can accomplish great things.

      Time is running short for the students to get signed up for Boys State, Girls State, and Cadet Law. I hope every Post is able to send someone. As the weather gets warmer it will soon be time for the crack of the bats at Legion Baseball, get out and support the players. I encourage each of you to support our youth anyway you can.

                       Each Squadron in the Detachment of Kansas is mailed a copy of our Detachment Newsletter the "SALute" every month along with other correspondence. Without an updated Squadron Officer list the mailings do not get to the correct  people, over 30 Squadrons still have not sent in that information.

            In closing I would like to wish you all to keep a smile on your face,  it might be the only smile a Child or a Veteran sees that day. Do something each day to make a Difference. 


Doug Evans
Commander, Detachment of Kansas
 “We Are Family” 


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Sparky's Spotlight


Greetings Gentlemen, congratulations on another successful membership year and our reaching our 36th all-time high. Since June 30 is the official end of the membership year we need to start concentrating our efforts on our new membership year and going after our 37th all-time high.

As per the Detachment of Kansas policy, all unused blank and preprinted membership cards from the 2013-2014 membership year must be returned to Department Headquarters before your Squadron will receive your new 2014-2015 membership cards. Each one of these unused cards have a value of $10 so if they are not returned your Squadron is liable for them and will not be sent their new cards until they are returned or paid for.

When returning your 2013-2014 cards to Department you might want to seriously consider sending them by registered and or priority mail requiring a signature on their delivery. That way you have a receipt that you have returned them and who signed to receive them in Topeka.

To some of you that are not aware or unsure the S.A.L. membership year runs from July 1 to June 30 each year. All Squadron officers should be renewing a.s.a.p.  The 2014-2015 membership goals will be set towards the end of August or early September.  The web site membership numbers will not be updated again until the new goals are set.

Send all unused 2013-2014 membership cards to:   Kansas American Legion Department Headquarters, 

C/O Michelle,  1314 S.W. Topeka Blvd.   Topeka, Ks. 66612

Any Kansas S.A.L. Membership questions contact:

                         Michelle Johnston           Sam Sparks     Wes Wills   

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Adjutant Notes

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Mid-Winter Forum - February 6-8, 2015 - Overland Park

Detachment Convention - May 15-17, 2015 - Topeka

American Legion Leadership College-June 5-7-Concordia-Registration $40

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Important Information

Are you familiar with Well National has released a version for the SAL! is now available to all Squadron's (at this time, only Squadrons). Fill out the printable form, and have your Post Adjutant sign it. Both the Post Adjutant and Squadron Adjutant's member ID's are verified by National and Department of Kansas.  There are many valuable tools available for Squadron's as far as maintaining your Squadron's database for mailings, keeping addresses up to date, etc. Any questions, please don't hesitate to drop me an email.



Detachment Education Chairman Neal Warnken announced that the 2015 Detachment Scholarship applications will be available soon.  There will be 5 Jay Thielen Scholarships available, All of them are for $500 split $250 per semester. The Winning applicant of the U.S.Udie Grant Scholarship will receive $1,000 split $500 per semester. Please use the new applications that should be availibe in September.

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